“Staging our Pre Fall show in Shanghai is a big
moment for Coach and for me personally. Shanghai
is one of the most vibrant, youthful and contemporary
cities I have ever visited.”
— Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers

Cinematic and surreal: the neon-lit show set captures the ‘bright lights, big city’ attitude that Shanghai and New York share.

The Coach family: the casting included Coach’s favorite girls and guys and some fresh faces that Vevers discovered in China.

The Signature Dreamer bag roars: featuring a reimagined Rexy by Guang Yu.

Meet The Creatives

Collaborations with renowned contemporary artists based in China were at the heart of the collection.
Each reimagined our mascot Rexy and the creations were featured on accessories and ready-to-wear.

Zhu Jingyi

Ink painter and cross media artist Zhu Jingyi creates sculptures based on traditional Chinese ink drawings, combining modern technology with a heritage artform. Rexy got a magical makeover with his pen. He playfully recontextualized Rexy in an authentic ink drawing.

Yeti Out

Music collective Yeti Out bridges east and west with its series of pop-up raves and record releases. They incorporated Rexy into their signature graphic round face for ready-to-wear and accessories.

Guang Yu

Known for his work with major cultural institutions, graphic artist Guang Yu’s typographical works offer new possibilities of thinking and design. For Coach, he played with Rexy’s teeth as a roaring motif in a graffiti-like way.

Sui Jianguo

Collaborating with Vevers, he crafted a sculpture of Rexy that was photographed and turned into a distorted photo print for the collection.

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