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How to trap a mouse?

Do you have a mouse or rat in your flat or house? These tiny little critters can be creepy and really annoying. Although you are sure that they will not kill you while you are sleeping, nobody wants to share his place with critters as flat mates. So, you are now probably asking yourself how to trap those little things? The answer is in this article. You could read best mouse traps reviews to prepare for this exercise.
How to trap a mouse?


There are many ways to trap the mouse, but the best of all is the traditional method which we will explain here. However, if you think some other will work better for you, you can read about more methods here.
First of all, you might hear stories about how much mice are intelligent, that they work together and can trick you. Before we start, you must know that if you follow these simple steps, you will find out that none of that is true.

  1. Setting the traps – you may have evidence where the mouse has been, you have seen it or you just feel where it might be. It is really important to place multiple traps because you cannot know where the mouse can be and what is the number of mice, but remember where they are so you don’t accidentally step on one of those. Mouse traps are not expensive and you can find them almost everywhere.
  2. Second step is to bait the traps – You don’t need to buy specially designed mouse bait, any food from your home will work. You can use bacon, peanut butter and much more, even though highly recommended is cheese. You may laugh to this, but cheese as a mouse trap is one of the things you can learn watching cartoons. The food should ne high in protein or fat, and if you want to experiment and use other food, check this out for more working traps.
  3. All you need to is to wait – but not too long. Check the traps regularly, on every few hours or at least every day. Your goal is to catch the mouse but you don’t want it to start decomposing in your home. That could be dangerous because can attract many insects plus who would like bacteria in their home?
  4. Mouse is caught – Mission accomplished! You should now safely remove it. Don’t try to remove it from the trap. Be sure to wear protective gloves, as we said because of the bacteria. Just pick the trap up carefully, put it in a bag and throw it to nearest rubbish container. If the mouse is alive and you don’t want to kill it, then release it far away from your house because if you free it near your house, the mouse will find the way back – in the nice and warm place with food.
trap a mouse

 Well that is the guide for removing mice, but I guess nobody wants to see them again in their home or office and the key for that is prevention. You must eliminate every place where mice can hide, all they need is a small hole to survive and limited amounts of food, so close every little hole you can find. This is called “mouse- proof construction” and it is considered as the most successful form of permanent eliminating mice.


I hope you have learnt how to catch a mouse/rat in your house or office and more important how to block their way into your place. I tried to explain so simple that everyone can understand and use but if you are scared of critters or just don’t feel comfortable removing that animals from your home by yourself, there are many services nowadays that can do that for you. In the end, if your house has a good isolation, you don’t need to worry at all – your place is safe from these critters.
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