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How to install a toilet

Would you like to know how to install a toilet?  A toilet is a very important facility that should be taken care of. Knowing how to repair your toilets is also important. There are several indicators that you should warn you that your toilet needs some repairs. For example, you may find that you are not able to flash the toilet, low water level, clogged bowl or sewer lines, worn out parts, might cause this or there may be a clogged siphon. Spontaneous refills can be an indicator that the flapper may be damaged. There may also be some hissing or trickling sounds in the tank, which may be a sigh that the fill valve and float might be damaged. Knowing how to fix this is very important.
How to install a toilet

In this article, I will guide you on all the steps you should follow to install a toilet. Let us go through them.

Clean the closet flange 

You can start by cleaning the closet flange. You can use a rag and mineral spirits to get rid of any old residue. You can put a rag inside a plastic bag and put it in the opening in the floor if the odor is too much. After cleaning, take some time to check whether there are breaks or extensive wear. You also need to check the floor surrounding the flange to ensure that there is no damage.
Put the tank bolts
Because you do not want to reuse the old tank bolts now you should install new ones. Place the tank bolts in the opening and ensure that they are paced in a way where they can hold the biggest part of the flange material.

Remove the wax ring

You should now remove the wax ring and put on the underside of the new bowl around the horn. You should not touch the wax ring because it can be tricky, as it seems like it can sick to you. After applying the wax ring, you can now remove the protective covering. If you had paced the put the plastic bag in the opening of the floor, you should remove it at this stage.

Install toilet bowl 

You can now place the bowl into the flange and ensure you do not damage the wax ring. The new bolts you installed should match perfectly with new bowl. After you have installed the bowl, you can protect it by adding nuts and washers to the bolts. You should not over tighten the bolts.

Install flush valve

In some, cases the fill valve and the flush valve come preinstalled depending with the toilet you had purchased. If the fill valve and the flush valve were not installed you can do this now.  You can insert the flush valve in the tank opening and thread a spud nut over to tighten. You can finalize by putting a foam spud washer on the spud nut.

Install fill valve

You can adjust your fill valve according to the height of water level recommended by the manufacturer. The place the fill valve into the tank and ensure that the lock nut is tight to hold it to the tank. You can use pliers to tighten it further.

Preparing the tank

Place a rubber washer in each of the tank bolts then insert it into the bolt holes from the inside of the tank. You should thread a hex nut and a brass washer onto the bolts and ensure that they are tight using your hand. You should ensure you do not over tighten. You can do this with the tank lying on its back.

Installing the tank

You can now put the tank on the bowl. Bolt nuts on the bowl should align with the bolts on the tank. Put a rubber washer and a brass washer and secure it using a wing nut. You should tighten the bolts evenly.

Connect your water supply

Attach the supply tube from the wall to the tank, use the coupling nut provided, and ensure you do not over tighten. You can turn the water on and check for any leaks.

Install the toilet seat

This is the last step. Align the holes of the bowl with the holes on the seat. Thread through the bolts, which are provided then attach the nuts. You have now installed your toilet. That is how you install a toilet.


Have you enjoyed? I am sure you have. Those are the steps on how to install a toilet. As we have seen, it is a very simple process. It is something you can do. You will just need to follow the above steps. Before you start, ensure you have all the necessary materials to do the work. Knowing how to repair your toilet will help you save a lot of time. I will appreciate your views in the comments below, feel free to share if you liked it.



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